Driving Instructor Training: The FAQ’s.

How many hours do driving instructors work?

Driving instructors working hours vary and will usually include evenings and weekends to suit your clients.

Driving instructors can work up to 48 hours a week.

The majority of your time will be spent in your can either driving to pick up your client or sitting in the passenger seat instructing your pupil, each lesson normally lasts between one and two hours.

You may find highs and lows in regard to bookings at Christmas and the summer holidays.

Could I become a driving instructor?

Anybody within reason could become a driving instructor, if they applied themselves correctly however you should consider if you have right attributes for the job:

  • have good driving skills, road safety knowledge and enthusiasm for driving
  • be able to give instructions clearly and concisely
  • be able to change your teaching style to suit all clients, for example nervous learners
  • have patience and good people skills
  • be able to stay calm and point out error in a constructive way
  • be constantly aware of the surroundings and react quickly and safely to any problems
  • have a basic knowledge of car mechanics, for example when explaining about changing gears, steering and vehicle checks
  • have a sense of humour

Franchise or Self Employed?

teach people to drive

Most driving instructors are a self employedindividuals, but you may consider to start out with a nation wide franchise driving instructor school for example: BSM (British school of Motoring).

Make sure you read the small print before signing with any franchise, because once you sign up it may be hard to get out of and start up on your own.

How much can I earn?

Your income is based on the cost of the driving lesson and the amount of hours worked – less your petrol cost, car maintenance, and general upkeep of your vehicle.

Lessons can be charged anywhere from £13 to £30 an hour depending on where you live and the current price of petrol.
Instructors can work up to 48 hours a week.

  • Full time driving instructors can make around £20,000 in the first year
  • Established instructors can earn around £25,000+
  • Experienced driving instructors can earn over £30,0000+ a year