Instructor Training: ADI Exams

The instructor training course that you take should get you to the required level to be able to pass the Driving instructor exams. The length and costs of the course vary from one training provider to another so check with the course provider that is near you.

Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Exams

The ADI exams consist of three parts:

  • A computer based theory test
  • A practical test of driving ability
  • A practical test of teaching ability

You must pass each one before you can move on to the next, you must also pass the two practical examinations within two years of passing the theory exam.

You can take the theory test as many times as you want but you are only allowed a maximum of three attempts at each of the practical tests within each two year qualification period.

Driving Instructor Trainee Licence

Once you manage to pass the first two parts of the approved driving instructor exams, you can join the trainee licensing scheme to help gain experience of driving instruction.

With your trainee licence you can start to teaching others to drive and receive payment, the licence is valid for six months, There are a few conditions for the trainee licence for more details visit the DSA web site.

Getting your ADI Certificate

become a driving instructor

Once you pass all three of the ADI exams you can join the Advanced Driving Instructor Register and you will be given a certificate that you display in your car.

You will have to renew your registration every four years and you are required to take a test to make sure you are still up to the required standards, If you fail this test your name can be removed from the ADI register.