The ADI test Part 1 – Theory

If you’re reading this, you must be either thinking about or have defiantly decided to become a fully qualified ADI.
The very first thing you must do is to write to the DSA who will send you an application pack and you will also have to register to become a trainee instructor.

The first exam you’ll have to take on the road to your new career will be split into two parts including the ADI theory and the Hazard Perception test(HPT). Both parts of this test will be taken together and you’ll have to successfully pass both parts at the same time, in order for you to be able to progress onto the part two test.

The theory part of the test will be entirely computer based and you will be asked 100 multiple choice questions which will cover all aspects of driver training and driving.

The questions that you’ll have to answer will be laid out in a similar format to those that you would have answered when you were first learning to drive. However the questions will cover a much wider choice of topics that will include teaching principles and practice.

The questions in the theory test will be banded into four sections and you will have to score 80% or more in each of these bands. You will have to achieve an overall pass mark of at least 85% in order to pass the test. For example if you achieve an overall pass mark of 94% you can still fail your test if you are weak in one of the bands.

For you to successfully pass part one you will also have to obtain a pass mark of 57 in the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). If you don’t achieve this pass mark you will have to take the entire test again including the theory test which you may have successfully passed.

During the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) you will have to watch a selection of short videos which will each show real road scenes and potential hazards. There will be 14 videos in total and you will be tested on each one. The clips you will be watching are chosen at random out of a possible 200.

You will be assessed on how quickly you spot and also respond to the possible hazards that will be developing on the screen.
While you’re watching the video clips on the computer screen you must spot a hazard developing and then once you’ve spotted the hazard you will need to click on the mouse button at the right time in order to identify the developing hazard.

Your ADI trainer will offer you all the help and advice you need to give you the very best possible chance of passing both parts of the exam. Your trainer will make sure that you are ready and are fully prepared for the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) and will guide you so that you know how to spot developing hazards and all the techniques you will need to pass your exam, including the very best study material that will be of great help to you when you’re studying.

Part one of your training will lay down the foundations for your future understanding and knowledge of driving and teaching others to drive. You can attempt this exam as many times as it takes in order for you to pass and be able to move on to part two.

I hope this article has helped answer many of the questions that you may have been thinking about regarding the ADI Part 1 Test and I wish you the very best of luck with your training to becoming a driving instructor.