The ADI test Part 3 – Teaching Ability

Once you have successfully passed part 2 you can now progress onto the third and final test; part 3. This part of your training will test your skills as a driving instructor and is the most feared of all the three parts.

Part three will test your driving ability with the test lasting for about one hour, it’s the final part of the qualifying process and once you pass you will become a fully qualified driving instructor.
When it comes to successfully completing part 3 the SE will be looking for a good briefing, however these will seem very insignificant in comparison to your ability that you will have to demonstrate, when carrying out a safe, controlled and well constructed driving lesson.

When you’re training for part 3 you really shouldn’t just concentrate solely on practising for the pre set tests, these are of course very important but you must aim to achieve all the required skills and show that you can become a fully competent driving instructor.

You are only allowed three attempts at passing part 3 as with part 2, if you do fail on your third attempt you will then have to start all over again from scratch. This will mean retaking the theory and hazard perception tests once again, which you can do after two years.
The pass rate at this level is quite low with only approximately 24% of people that take the test successfully passing.

During your training for part three you must develop certain skills which include core competencies and sub skills, which you should use on every lesson you take, these skills are of extreme importance and should never be underestimated.

During your part three test you will have to give instructions and also demonstrate your ability to spot and correct any driving errors that may occur. This test will also use role play, where the examiner simulates the learner drivers at different stages of their training. You will be required to figure out any problems exhibited and develop new skills.

The part 3 test is split into two “phases” which will each last for about 25 minutes.
During phase one the examiner will play the part of a learner driver with very little or no experience at driving at all.
During phase two the examiner will once again play the role of a learner driver but this time with a little more experience and knowledge about driving.
In this phase it’s your responsibility to match your instructions with the pupil’s level of ability regarding experience and knowledge. You will then be assessed at how well you demonstrate this. You must also watch out for and correct any driving errors that may occur while maintaining a safe and controlled driving environment.

The trick is to treat every phase as a separate “mini lesson”, you will have to effectively teach the SE ADI the subject chosen for you on the test. Some people struggle during the role play aspect of training but this is needless. Role play plays a very valuable part of your training and is a great learning tool for you, when used correctly. Role play is vital for you to succeed and you will get the opportunity to develop new skills.

Treating the SE ADI as a learner driver is extremely important during your part three test, as this will demonstrate your ability as an ADI.
Aim to develop all the sub skills and core competencies that will make you a good driving instructor.

Developing role play skills will take time and a great deal of effort because for many trainees this will be very new to them. You may feel embarrassed at first and maybe a little confused but this will pass with time, but once you’ve cracked it these new skills will be extremely valuable to you.
The learning environment should be relaxed and comfortable during the role play experience.

The sub skills that are required to pass part 3 are complex and will take time before you will finally master them. You will be required to “drive” the car from the passenger seat while giving out instructions and directions in good time. You must also watch out for and correct driving errors and maintain a safe and controlled driving environment, while keeping calm and maintaining a professional approach at all times.

Well that’s about it, I hope I have helped you gain more information about the ADI Part 3 test and the training that’s involved in order to successfully pass. I wish you the best of luck with your training and good luck for the test.